Finding your perfect fit in the civilian workforce can be hard.

Let VetsBridge make it as easy as 1-2-3.

Transitioning from a service member to a civilian’s career is tricky. Skills may not exactly translate. Qualifications may be unclear. And after trudging through hundreds of postings on job boards, you’re tempted to settle for something random just because it's open. Don’t. is here to connect you with companies that specifically seek out veterans. They recognize that service members are among the best-trained workforce in the world – and they want you as part of their team. Follow these three simple steps, and let connect you to your perfect civilian career. It’s that easy.


Build a Profile

It's a lot easier than trolling job sites or sending out countless resumes. And since you're matched with companies (instead of current openings), you can make connections while you're still in the service. Your profile includes more than just the information on your resume – it translates specialized skills you obtained in the military as well as other information like personality and work style. Finally, set your criteria for companies that you’d like to connect with. Big or little? Public, private or nonprofit? We'll make matches based on what matters to you most.


See Your Matches

Yes, there will be matches. We work with real industry leaders - in a wide range of industries, nationwide. All of them want to connect with veterans just like you. We start by comparing and delivering perfect matches based on the criteria and details in each member profile. That way you get exactly what you're looking for. Too many matches? Not enough? We make it simple for you to widen or narrow your match criteria to see different results. Then we send alerts. Texts or emails? Weekly updates or a message for every match? You decide. Luckily, setting up your notification preferences is fast and easy.


Make a Connection

Only veterans have the power to accept or decline a match – so the ball is in your court. Matched companies won’t see your name or profile until you accept the connection. We'll send you a link to their company profile, so you can start learning about your match's mission, culture and opportunities right away. Then you can decide to accept or decline the connection. If you decide to connect, matched companies will have access to your profile and contact information. But it's up to you to reach out first. Each company will tell you how to get connected.