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VetsBridge symposium gives insights on veterans’ employment

At a recent event hosted by, expert panelists provided an overview of the job market for veterans and information on the benefits and resources available to businesses that hire veterans. Attendees included area business owners, human resource professionals, and representatives of service agencies (Read more)

VetsBridge salutes efforts of the Veterans Defense Program

With more than one million service men and women returning from active duty in the next few years, we as a society face the challenge of helping these veterans with their re-entry into civilian life. A major component of this effort is employment, and that’s where comes in, with its career-matching service based on a proprietary algorithm designed to unite returning veterans with employers seeking the unique skills they offer. This system simplifies the search and makes it easier for veterans to find their next opportunity. (Read more)

A Veterans Day Message

Remembering and honoring the men and women who have given their lives in service to our country should involve more than speeches, wreathes, and department store sales. (Read more)